The Amateur Radio Bunble: Hamshack Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio Activities and The Complete Amateur Radio Contesting Manual

Автор: Dwight Standfield

Hamshack Raspberry Pi: Learn How To Use Raspberry Pi For Amateur Radio Activities And 3 DIY Projects.

Are you an Amateur Radio enthusiast? Or are you looking to get into this amazing hobby because you've heard about some of the interesting things you can do like tracking satellites, communicating in Morse code or perhaps playing a game over the air, and you want to try them out?

If you answered “YES!” then you’ll want to download Hamshack Raspberry Pi: Learn How To Use Raspberry Pi For Amateur Radio Activities And 3 DIY Projects

You will learn how to install, configure and use the device to enjoy some of the coolest things in tech today. You will be able to enhance your knowledge of how to operate radio as an amateur; you will learn how to install different operating aids like timekeeping, logging, Morse code practicing and satellite tracking. You will also learn about designing antennas, essential Ham programs like twclock and GNU radio companion, radio configuration tools and even how to set up your own ground station with simple steps!
Best of all, you’ll be able to complete the projects discussed in the book by yourself without any problems because they are so easy and straightforward.

Ham Radio Activities: The Complete Amateur Radio Contesting Manual - Tips & Techniques for competing and winning a Ham Radio Contest

Have you ever thought of entering an Amateur Radio Contest?

Contesting can be exciting, fun and a great way to accelerate your learning process.

This guide shall equip you with the requisite knowledge you need to participate in ham radio contests with skill and confidence. After learning the different types of contests, how they work and their rules, the software and hardware to use, you will start building up your QSO count and adding interesting DX contacts to your list of contacts.

When You Download This Book Today You’ll Also Learn...

Contesting Tips and Techniques for Better Amateur Radio Contesting
Amateur Radio Competition Equipment
How to Prepare for the License Exam
The Main Amateur Radio Contests and Their Rules
Brief History of Amateur Radio Contesting
Much, much more!


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