Автор: Rodmell P. (G3ZRS)

"I have written this book with help from my good friend Val Gardner and my wife Gwen MOGWA who helped me to compose, edit and prepare for publishing. I have self published this book and funded it by choice so I do apologise for any mistakes or errors you find and I wil l be pleased to know about any.
It is intended to help with the understanding of amplifiers and help those who intend to build or repair HF, VHF and UHF amplifiers. The choice of valves is huge and is still the most economical way of generating a stronger signal from your radio station.
An amplifier is the powerhouse of your radio station. Many keen DXers who have large aerials arrays will tell you, go down to 100 watts you can call for ever, but add even 400 - 500 watts and you will add 7dB to your signal which makes all the difference between being heard or not.
I have always been fascinated by steam engines. In a lot of ways I look on a va lve amplifier in a similar fashion. You give it fuel, it gets hot and glows red and then it gives you the power you require to get to where you are going, either by the radio waves or on the rai l track!
If you drive it too hard or give it a bad load it complains and gets hot and sometimes even overheats! A Ham Station is not complete without the Powerhouse. Life is too short for QRP!
The choice of valves is now vast and while most people think the valve is a thing of the past, the majority of amateur radio stations still use valve amplifiers.
Peter Rodmell G3ZRS
Founder Linear Amp UK "


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